Rep . Marjorie Taylor Greene’s campaign committee goes into the red for the first time , clocking up a fundraising deficit totaling $ 314,000

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She is one of the top fund raisers in the House and she is in the red? I smell a rat. How long before the fraud surfaces? Because, you know, there is always fraud with these maniacs!


russian sanctions have unforeseen circumstances. no wonder her and fellow fox trolls are so pro putin. can’t wait to see her whither on the vine. edit: sp


Tell us more, Marge, about how to run a business and handle money


Her and Broebert are probably up to something illegal tbh. Those two seem to have zero morals.


I had to tell my kids we were eating gas station sandwiches last week because we couldnt afford subway, but this nazi asshat is spending half a mill or more a month on her shitty treason escapades? I hate this world