Risk of myocardial inflammation in SARS-CoV-2 infection is not distinctively higher compared with other viruses

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Woah, hold on a second here. The linked discussion article is not a systematic review, meta-analysis, nor a statistical comparison that can adequately make these types of conclusions. Frankly, I’m disappointed in BJSM for publishing this discussion without a more formally stated caveat emptor. In fact, the title of this post is a rewording of a single sentence in the conclusion of this two-page discussion, which states: >The risk of myocardial inflammation in SARS-CoV-2 infection appears not distinctively higher compared with other viruses and may depend on the severity of the infection. The discussion does make valuable points about caution in interpreting superficial diagnoses and recommends a higher standard of diagnostic criteria. But heck, OP, that is a dangerously misleading post title.


OP POSTED A MISLEADING TITLE THIS ONLY PERTAINS TO ATHLETES NOT THE GENERAL POPULATION u/druglordofthecourts do better next time. Use the authors title and if you want to add your commentary provide a summary of the results.


So are we pushing an agenda or posting science here. This article is crap.


In athletes… not particularly relevant to the general, untrained and unhealthy population.


Due to the wide spread of the disease it should cause more cases anyway. Viruses were always capable of causing this condition and many others like it