Russia says Mariupol surrender ultimatum rejected and threatens elimination of resistance

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Congratulations, you are being invaded! Please do not resist.


This is the ”Open the door, I’m not gonna hurt you. Just open the door, please. If you don’t open this fucking door right now I’ll smash your head in!”-part of the domestic abuser playbook that Russia is using for policy.


I’m unclear on what exactly the Russian statement meant, but it appears that they plan to execute Ukrainian soldiers if they capture them. That threat is itself a war crime even if the Russians don’t follow through with it: *Statute of the International Criminal Court* (1998), 2187 UNTS 3, Art. 8(2)(b)(xii).


Here is a hint: in 2014 Russia told to surrender in Ilovaysk, then they shoot all who surrendered. No-one trust them since then.


Kremlin propaganda accounts are gonna flood this post soon and blame everything on Zelenskyy.