Russia seeks Brazil’s help to prevent expulsion from IMF, World Bank

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well if Brasil supports russia, then they have to be sanctioned too. there should be no exceptions for any country that supports or decides to turn the blind eye on war crimes and genocide.


It’s been almost 2 months, why don’t people understand that Russia isn’t a bogeyman. Are they controlled by a megalomaniac and a corporate elite? Yes. Are they waging an unjust war? Yes. But so are half a dozen other nations, inc some of the US’s closest allies. Russia has built up tremendous good will outside of the US in the last 70 years, they have aided hundreds of millions of people over generations, that’s not just going to vanish overnight. Brazil cares about Ukraine as much as the UK cares about Yemen, or Palestine or Tibet. Just because the West is in a tizzy about this one particular tragic war, doesn’t mean the rest of the world follows suit.


Lol who founded the IMF? It wasn’t Brazil and it sure as hell wasn’t communist Russia. Ukraine war is a test to see if the West still runs this planet. So far so good.