Russia’s Oil Industry Is Suffering As The West Shuns Its Crude

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Name Russia’s industry that isn’t suffering


The oil can be replaced, the gas is a completely different story. And if Putin turns off that valve, it could get ugly for Europe. But then Russia literally would have no income.


It never acknowledges the fact that with $120+ prices of crude oil, they can sell half as much they are selling now, and still pocket much more money than selling it all for 50$ per barrel like in 2015-2019 when oil was cheap. So the more you sanction Russian oil, prices will just go higher and they will sell less oil, but for the same amount of money. Outcome being that you will take approx. 3-4 million b/d of oil from world market without any means of replacing it, driving the prices up. Question is, who will pass on the opportunity of 25% oil discount? Who can afford to ignore such an offer? The majority of world will not because they simply can’t.


Somehow I think that Russia will find lots of willing buyers for cheap energy. The sanctioning countries are really only NATO members plus Japan and Switzerland. Russia can sell freely to all of asia, the middle east, Africa, and South America. 2/3 of the world’s population and GDP is still open for business. The sanctions are just never going to work. They are hurting Russia for sure. But not crippling. The question now is who is getting hurt worse, the west or Russia?


That’s the point, to boycott your oil to make you broke and unable to continue the war.