Saturn V first stage engines… They’re way bigger in person than I imagined. You can fit a car in each one easily.

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I saw them in Huntsville AL. when traveling for work and the first thing I said was “whoa” There’s literally no other reaction you can have when you see them for the first time. Then, when I was walking around the exhibits, they had a lunar rover model, and there was an older guy standing next to it just minding his business. I walked up and was looking at it, and he said “pretty neat eh?” I replied “Yeah, I’m in aerospace but want to get into the space sector so building something that ends up on the moon would be an absolute dream” He said “…yeah it was actually. I designed the gearbox and steering mechanism. I hate to say it but I don’t think I’ll live to see people go back. We built that box damn well and if you went up there I swear that steering wheel would turn” Super cool guy, chatted with me a few minutes before I had to go.


I was awestruck when I walked into that room the the Kennedy Space Center! It was an absolutely incredible experience


That’s actually the J-2s on the 2nd stage. The 1st stage F-1s are even bigger.


To this day, the F-1 remains the single most powerful single chambered liquid rocket engine ever successfully flown


One of the most mind blowing things I’ve ever seen was walking into the room with the Saturn V in in the KSC. Honestly the rocket is the size of a skyscraper