[Serious] Bullies of Reddit, what made you bully a kid when you were younger?

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A complete lack of self awareness. I somehow managed to think “wow, X is a dick” while simultaneously being blind to my own shittiness to people. I became a better person (well, I hope) but the remorse will last forever.


a guy once bullied my sister. I bullied him for the rest of highschool


Honestly, I bullied the fuck out of this kid named Brian. Where ever you are Brian, I’m sorry. For me I was unhappy so spread the unhappiness. I ain’t gonna make a bunch of excuses like my mom this or my dad that. But simply I was a miserable fuck and to know someone was even less happy than me made me feel better.


I wasn’t a full fledged bully but when I got beaten for no reason at home I usually got into a fight outside or at school. Just full of rage with nowhere to go.


I’d just like to point out that, as someone who was horrifically bullied and never got an apology for it from any of the dozens of my school bullies, it might honestly go a long way for you former bullies to reach out and apologize. You might not get a nice response or even any response at all, but I’d guess you’ll get a lot more good responses than bad.