Should I invest $10k into series I bonds now, or wait until May when the rate expectedly increases?

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If you buy before May you get the 7.12% for the first six months and then the 9.x% for the next six months, then whatever the rate in November is for the next six months, etc. So why would you want to wait? You’d be throwing away a guaranteed extra 7.12%.


The only thing you get by waiting? You lose 6 months of 7.12% interest. Buy now.


There’s no benefit from waiting because any small percentage in rease you get by waiting may be lost when the rate goes back down. If you buy now you’re locking in 1 year of high rates, if you wait you only lock in 6 months and it may be back down on the next rate.


I bought last week and plan to hold until either I need the money or the rate drops low enough for another investment to make more sense.


Can someone explain the difference in Ibonds VS Tips? And can someone also describe which investment (Ibonds VS Tips) would be a better fit for someone with 10k right now?