Spain makes it a crime for pro-lifers to harass people outside abortion clinics

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Hopefully more countries follow suit. It’s a truely disgusting practice


>”More than 6,000 children were born last year thanks to the help of pro-life groups and none of the mothers regretted giving birth,” she added. God I’d love to see the details of whatever statistical fuckery they used to come up with this number.


I brought my GF to planned Parenthood for a birth control implant, when I was leaving prob 30 – 40 protesters swarmed the sides of my car, they were holding up bags of stuff and flyers trying to get me to roll down my window. I looked left and right and then gassed my car like I never have before and drove away. This was in upstate NY and I was literally 18 and many grown-ass men and women were swarming my vehicle. This was at 8:30 am and I was literally the only car there. I can’t believe these people, they need to get a life, and no one even got an abortion. edit: bad grammar


I used to be the security guard for a clinic in Australia. My duty would be to escort the girls and their moral support people from their car to inside the clinic while keeping the protesters at bay. Trust me when I say I have NO respect for the horrid protesters trying to guilt the girls. The vile slurs and accusations they had to endure was insane. More than once we had a girl break down in the street. The one that broke me was “I was r*ped by my dad, what do you want me to do?”. You think the protesters would back off…nope. I near went to prison that day. After the girls had gone in, if any of them got up in my face about it, my question was always: And how many of the “you could just put them up for adoption” babies have you adopted and are looking after? None? I see, so you are just an asshole. Good on ya Spain. 100% support this!


Harassing anyone going in for any medical procedure should be a crime, though not one with a particularly heavy sentence