Stroke survivors who practiced a seated form of Tai Chi had equal or greater improvement in hand and arm strengthl, symptoms of depression and activities of daily living after three months, compared to those who participated in a standard stroke rehabilitation exercise program

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Something about this sounds a bit fishy to me. The fact that the lead author is a lecturer at a traditional Chinese medicine school, and I don’t know if I could find it in the article or whatever, but I don’t see how the results of the control group compare to the test group.


i’m unsure what other patients experience is with standard stroke rehab is like but mine (boulder co) was awful from the physical therapist that wanted to be a yoga instructor, the occupational therapist who refused to sign off on me getting my license back unless i went to her friends speech therapy, to the speech therapist who insisted based on her examination that i was ‘severely’ under average recovery 3/100 and best reasoning for why i should be in speech therapy is “well, your insurance will pay for it”. i’m not exactly surprised by these results. Pretty much the worst 3 months of my life (and that includes the month i was in the hospital)