Sulfur Battery Technology Could Make Electric Cars Go Three Times Further By 2024

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So how far along is this? If it’s not starting mass production I can ignore this like the other hundred other changes in the last 6 years.


All those wild claims about revolutionary battery technology “coming soon” is really not doing anything good for the transition to EVs. People are gonna end up always waiting for the next big thing. And honestly, range is not the biggest issue right now. Insufficient coverage of charging stations is a much bigger problem.


Three times further? Or make the cars larger? Because honestly, 300 miles is pretty good for most people, especially those who have a dedicated driveway. I’d rather get into an SUV/Truck that has a 300-400 mile capacity instead of a car that has a 900-1000 mile capacity.


This weeks miracle battery


This smells of rotten eggs.