Tesla will no longer include mobile connectors with every car

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I have the feeling we are only a few more Chinese lockdowns away to get cars without a e-motor 😀 But jokes aside, I hope these decisions are made on solid user data and not just ‘oh well we don’t have enough parts’ – we still play good money and should get a solid product for it.


I would be okay with it if they got rid of the charger, the car got discounted by $200, and you could order the charger with the car for $200. Then the people who don’t want it save the money and the people who want it are unaffected. However, we all know the car isn’t going down in price.


So by not including this, they’ll surely pass on the savings to their customers, yes? Right? RIGHT?


Only Elon can take away the free mobile charger, then discount the $400 price by $200, and everyone thanks him for listening.


What if Tesla just takes on the Apple model and everything other than the frame is an add-on?