The first European Union leader to meet with Putin since the invasion of Ukraine says the Russian president ‘believes he is winning the war’

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If the goals are: – create instability in Europe – awaken NATO – give NATO reasons to expand to reinforce the existing narrative that NATO threatens Russia – empty their stockpiles of 1960-1980’s Soviet grade conventional military resources for Ukrainian farmers to capture – disconnect from the global markets – isolate themselves – hurt their already dwindling population even more by haphazardly sending their youth into Ukraine’s meat grinder – lose their flagship in the Black Sea – help boost the profits of the West’s military industrial complex – bring their economy back to 1989 – challenge North Korea for the world’s top pariah state title – create a 21st century fascist movement surrounding a symbol – expose their entire conventional military to be an incompetent clown show to their adversaries – lose almost 20k troops I guess he’s winning


Pay attention to what people do, not what they say. He wouldn’t be purging his advisors, his military, and his intelligence agencies if he believed he was winning the war.


It’s not like he would admit he is losing the war.


Don’t Worry guys, he is just awaiting Steiner’s surprise offensive!


“Steiner will take care of them any minute now”