The Indians have a space shuttle

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How to pack as many different engines in the same vehicle. The Kerbals would be proud


Kinda worried about the hypothetical runway thing but ok, good luck.


The first pic is a real vehicle that has been tested in 2016, launched to sub orbital height and then steered at hypersonic speeds into the ocean and disintegrating on impact – they plan to land one later this year, the last pic is their concept of what they’re trying to do with this project. There are a massive amount of technical hurdles to clear for a TSTO vehicle, but it’s a great goal to aim for. However, we all know how easily govt projects can lose funding or support, or run into technology road blocks, so who knows where this will go.


That’s a display model in the first pic right? It’s not actually that small?


Wow! That’s wonderful. Good to see India making progress in space missions. Mission Mars was phenomenal and this is good to watch too!