The main antagonist of the Harry Potter books is the sorting hat. It can predict the future and look into your mind and soul. It placed Voldemort in Slytherin to promote conflict between the houses because it was created by the 4 founders of Hogwarts and they continuosly faught amongst themselves.

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I wouldn’t say it predicts the future. Rather, it assesses the potential of each individual witch or wizard during the sorting, then matches them to the house in which they’re most likely flourish.


FAUGHT Not being the spell check guy, that just looks so weird


The sorting hat actually encouraged the houses not to fight when things were getting bad. But it definitely should have been able to see there was something not right in Riddle’s head and at least gave Dumbledore a fair warning.


I don’t recall the sorting hat being able to see the future. The sorting hat can sense the qualities of a person but not their intentions or their future


Maybe it should sort out its priorities.