The nicest people are the people who always feel like they’re an asshole even when they aren’t.

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The nicest ones are generally the ones who are most self-aware of themselves and acknowledge their need to manage being assholes.


Also tend to get shit on the most.


I have been talking about this in therapy lately. Females often get labeled bossy for displaying leadership qualities. Sometimes I feel like nobody likes me because I am assertive and speak directly, but all of my friends and family would tell you that I am kind and usually put others before myself. Thanks for the reminder, the post really resonates with me right now.


Unless you’re like me. I kinda like being an asshole sometimes.


What worse is after so much self reflecting and coming to the point of realisation of when you let certain people affect your life and not being able to blame them for it because of how unable they are to self reflect because they fell into the vicious cycle of life and didn’t have a period in which they could self reflect until it was too late so they end up just putting a smile on and hoping everything will still be okay. Man this one hit home.