The number of cactus species at risk of extinction is likely to increase this century as a result of climate change. Study estimates that, by midcentury, global warming could put 60% of cactus species at greater risk of extinction & approximately 40% are likely to see significant declines. N= 408

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And this of course coincides with a current trend of cactus collection- with blind supply lines many people go to legitimate stores and buy poached cacti, then they bring them home and kill them It’s quite a disgusting trend for people who often actually want to appreciate nature


Over farming and commercialization. They should not be sold at any chain store.


TIL the Texas prickly pear cactus is native to Tennessee


I would have thought that cacti were the predestined benefactors of climate change with over all rising temeratures and dryer climate.


Maybe if they weren’t so prickly about the temperature they would stick around longer.