The Twisted World of Dr. Phil (2022) – How Dr. Phil Exploits his Patients [00:19:42]

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I’d recommend the podcast behind the bastards, who do a couple of episodes on Dr Phil. He’s a bigger piece of shit than you might already think.


He’s Jerry Springer for people who think they’re above Jerry Springer.


Oprah needs to come forth and acknowledge the shit list of people she propelled to fame..I have no issues with Oprah, 37,000 guests-she did a lot of good, but she was also responsible for many quacks and them becoming popular.


I loved the episode where a guy charged for organizing homeless fights dressed up as Dr. Phil to go on the show, and then accused Dr. Phil of essentially profiting off people’s misery too, saying they are the same.


Oprah has introduced the world to human garbage.