The Worst Slum in Seoul (2020) located right across the street from the affluent Gangnam District is Guryong Village, where elderly impoverish Koreans often wind up [00:14:15]

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Always appreciate seeing these documentaries of places within a place where we would normally think wouldn’t exist.


From this i learned the song gangnam style is a parody on the rich, however looking at the English lyrics i really dont see many jabs.


I (westerner) used to live and work in this area and I’d frequently hike Guryong Mountain and walk through the slum on my way down. There were a few smaller pocket slums around the area and different parts of Seoul but they were often well hidden like this one.


Thank you for a great documentary, it is always interesting to learn about this kind of parallel society’s. however I did some reading and fortunately the government have really been trying helping the people who have been living where. today it is mostly complete empty.