TIL about Japanese general named Sayaka who believed Japanese invasions of Korea (1592-98) was unjustified and defected over to Korean side, he was given a Korean name (Kim Chung-seon) and were given position in the Korean army as general, he also served in Qing Invasions of Korea later on.

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In case people are confused by the wording, he served in the Korean (technically Joseon not Korea) military against the Qing. Otherwise, it reads like he betrayed Japan and then Korea, too. Lol


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After the Imjin War ended, Kim continued to serve in the military. He also participated in the Second Manchu invasion of Korea in 1627 and was posted in the frontier until he retired. Kim had devoted his body and soul to his chosen home. He also married a Joseon woman and settled down in Urok-dong near Daegu. He continued to fight foreign aggression on behalf of Korea (Joseon).