TIL something called the “beer mile” exists, where runners must drink a pint of beer for every quarter mile ran. Other variations include a pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream for 4 miles, as well as a variation in which runners must solve a rubix cube along with each beer for their mile.

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Did you learn this from the NYT Crossword today?


The world record is an unbelievable 4 minutes 28 seconds held by Corey Bellemore of Canada


Some of the x-country folks at my high school would do a chocolate milk mile…….I’d stick with beer


My beer mile is 8 minutes. You aren’t allowed to run and drink, you must chug the beer before beginning to run again. It’s best to practice with seltzer as you have to get used to the CO2 in your gut otherwise you’ll vomit foam. And if you vomit, you’re disqualified. Also look into the Hash House Harriers if you’re interested in drinking and running.


Hash Hound Harriers? The drinkers with a running problem?