TIL that Anne lister called as “the first modern lesbian” wrote the 26 volumes diary about her life, including her sex life and lesbian relationships in complex codes, which are described as “the Dead Sea Scrolls” of lesbian history.

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My favourite thing about her is that it took like a hundred years and two gays to get her work translated. The first time someone found it was one of her relatives some time after she passed. He and his friend took some time decoding it and, surprise surprise, it’s all incredibly graphic descriptions of her having sex with women. Guy’s friend literally says he has to burn it, and is response is basically to say “Nope! But, not my problem anymore” and seal it back away. It’s believed in some circles he himself was gay and understood that these kinds of revelations for people wouldn’t do anything good. I can’t remember when, but some time much later it was discovered again and had a more thorough investigation into it. A lot of it is still coded. I think there’s something really funny about two of the most thorough codes made and used by individuals are Lister and Kinsey. Gotta keep those lurid details away from prying eyes


Wouldn’t “the dead sea Scrolls” of lesbian history be Sappho’s work ? (Or some even older material I don’t know about)


Also currently watching Gentleman Jack I see


Bethesda presents coming summer 2022… The Lesbian scrolls.


One fact which helped her to stay free was her landed estates and her mines: the ensuing wealth pretty much sheltered her from social consequences of homosexuality. And even then, she had to use cryptology to hide herself. Sure, unlike male homosexuality, lesbianism wasn’t punishable in Britain but social consequences would be huge.