TIL the creator of “The Trivia Encyclopedia” attempted to sue “Trivial Pursuit” for using their ‘false’ fact in their game. The false fact was about the first name of the character Columbo.

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Sorry, the card says “Moops.”


Ha! Clever. Early map publishers used to do something similar. They’d put a fake island on their map. Then, if the island showed up on a competitors map, they’d know they copied their version of the map and sue them.


The first time I played the game, I was asked the question: “where was Pizza Hut founded?” The right answer was *Wichita, KS.* The answer on the card was *Kansas City* with no state listed. I answered it correctly, but because the other players were idiots, they claimed my answer was wrong. I didn’t play that game much after that. If the game couldn’t be trusted to have the correct answers, why bother?


One time I played Trivial Pursuit and the question was to name the planets. I was confused because there are 9 planets but there were 10 answers… turns out the 10th planet was “Krypton”.


Reminds me of how some atlas makers put some fake towns on their maps so that they can figure out who’s copying their data.