TIL : Val Kilmer has lost his voice, quite literally. The only way we may hear speak again is through a computer program

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I hope the computer uses his southern aristocrat voice from Tombstone and not the Stephen Hawking robot voice


I hadn’t known this until today. His throat cancer has destroyed his voice completely. The man who voiced the incredible Doc Holiday we won’t hear him again. _You’re OUR huckleberry, Val._ Edit : found out username: u/officialvalkilmer Edit #2 :Val, just wanted to let you know not everyone knew about your health issues. Your documentary, I just watched this morning, and wanted to say : Thank you to you and your son for such a movie. Edit # 3 : Your fans will always be your huckleberry, u/officialvalkilmer .


I liked him as Batman. There I said it.


Everyone should go watch “Real Genius” it is such a fun 80’s movie.


This article is weird. Voice restoration for people who’ve had a laryngectomy has been part of ENT care for years, and doesn’t require computers or AI. Surely he just needs a speech valve. Yes, it’ll sound different.