Tips for removing the hijab?

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For those having a hard time understanding this person’s POV, just imagine trying to decide to go without clothes at all. Yes, physically taking them off is easy to do – but the emotional, social (and even legal) ramifications of such an action are much more difficult to reconcile. That is pretty much exactly what taking off a piece of clothing that you’ve been told is taboo to remove is like. The clothing has been sexualized, and women are slut-shamed for removing it. In places where head covering is not sexualized, it’s hard for us to understand.


First if you choose to no longer wear hijab – will you be physically safe? Is this more a question of how to deal with the emotional fallout of no longer wearing it?


You need to get the hell out of that country as soon as you can.


Check out r/exhijabis. They’ll help you there 🙂


Could you find a place with like-minded people and start being without a hijab there first? You could build up confidence and get support from others who understand your situation.