Toyota Warns About Rushing Into Electrification

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Because they’ve put their eggs in the hydrogen basket?


He wasn’t ”warning against electrification” at all what a misleading title. He spoke about the challenges that need to be addressed. That’s not the same thing at all. All new technology or processes have challenges. Edit: please stop telling me I read it wrong. The article it’s self had a different title. This website that posted basically the same article a year ago. And on their site it had a different title yesterday.


If tesla was to come with such statement it would carry some weight and credibility. Toyota however as always focused on hybrid and hydrogen technology and has been late to the electrification-party. I would be a bit suspicious about them making such statement as one of the biggest carmakers worldwide who’s electrification is behind the rest.


I wish we were responsible enough for nuclear. We could power items for thousands of years with current tech.


They aren’t wrong about the power grid not being able to handle everyone getting an EV at once. The thing is there aren’t enough EVs being built to overload the grid unless they all go to the same city. Even then they probably just change the hours on the cheaper electricity so neighbourhoods are staggering, a simple software change and mail out.