Ukraine war: ‘Give us weapons immediately’ to ease Russian grip on Mariupol, says Zelenskyy

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How long does it take to get weapons. The US just sent 800 million $$ worth of weapons to Ukraine. Hope they make it in time.


I wish there was a way to donate guns here in the US. One red state alone could probably furnish the entire Ukrainian army.


Ukraine has a 2.5 billion € budget of the European Peace Facility to buy weapon systems.


It’s really an ammo problem in most cases. Guns are cheap, ammo is not. In war, you go through ammo really fucking fast. It costs ~$1,200 to fire a 50 cal machine gun for 60 seconds. It costs $4,500-$10,200 to fire a single tank round It costs $73,000-$82,000 to *reload* a Javelin System It costs $300,000 to launch a single s-400 AA missile It costs ~$340,000 to fire a missile from a Sukhoi SU-25 fighter jet It costs $25,000to fire a Bayraktar drone missile It costs $5,000-$15,000 to outfit a single rifleman Munitions are crazy expensive. *Quick edit for price differences for different platforms


I can’t think of any particular weapons that could help with that at this point.