Virginia police routinely use secret GPS pings to track people’s cell phones

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“Unavailable due to legal reasons” Can someone paste the article here?


Not just the Virginia police, either.


So glad I moved out of that shithole of a state. Worst 3 years. Those cops are fucking ridiculous. I was taking my husband to an emergency dental appointment and they pulled me over for 3 mph over the limit and then took up 20 minutes of our time while he’s bleeding from the mouth just to give a warning. I’ve never been pulled over so much before in my life and I grew up in Detroit.


See, shit like this is why the whole “they’re putting microchips in vaccines to track people!” is fucking dumb as hell.


In the late 90s I interviewed w/ Fairfax Co. PD. The woman that did my initial interview gushed about their budget/funding, all the “toys” they get…and how the bulk of the job is traffic stops & ticket writing! She tried to make it sound like an action film, which was hilariously cringe. I pulled my application on the spot.