Virologists Identify More Than 5,000 New Viruses in the Ocean

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We could probably find hundreds of new viruses in every person. The interesting truth here is, if the virus does not accidentally share RNA/DNA sequences with already known viruses, they will not show up in PCR screenings. Only the viruses that cause severe symptoms have the honor of making it into the literature.


If you consider that the entire world was already full of bacteria and viruses before *any* complex life formed it’s not difficult to imagine it will take another few centuries before we have mapped a significant portion of bacteria and viruses.


And that was just nj shore


How many new viruses are found day-by-day? Also, how many of which are probable to cause a pandemic?


Interesting, auditing the virus population in oceans. The number of unidentified “viruses” must be huge. (“Viruses” in quotes because it seems any little piece of stray nucleic acid can be a “virus” if it tries hard enough.) I wonder if ocean acidification or temperature will affect the numbers/types of viruses.