Weed at work: The latest issue facing tech companies

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I used to have a co-worker who was an absolute ass, except for the occasional friday where he’d go for a ‘walk’ and come back smelling of weed. He’d be so much more pleasant afterwards I don’t even care about the quality of the work he delivered anymore.


Don’t fire people for smoking on the job, fire them for not doing their job.


I mean with too much of anything, let’s say alcohol, you probably aren’t a very effective employee either. At least more people will eat at the holiday party.


In college, a little bit of weed really helped me with tasks that required creative focus, such as the initial design phase of projects. However, it definitely was a hindrance with certain other more technical tasks, like anything involving precise logic or coordination with other people. All substances affect people differently. There are pros and cons, and cases for proper use vs. abuse.


In tech should people understand if you grind those cogs on maximum, they will get destroyed and fall off or they will “self-lubricate” to withstand that grind and hold there a little bit longer.