What should I do with all this ham?

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There are TONS of ways you can use up left over ham. A search online will give you a bunch of ideas but here are my ideas off the top of my head. Ham fried rice Ham quiche or frittata (add any other veggies/cheeses you have to bulk it up even more) Ham in pasta or pasta bakes or casseroles (tons of different recipes) Add ham to scalloped potato’s or au gratin potatoes Add ham to roasted veggies (almost anything would work but could be great with like Brussel sprouts, potatoes/sweet potatoes, onions, carrots, etc.) All different types of elevated ham sandwiches (grilled cheese ham sandwich, ham sliders on rolls, sandwiches with ham and mustard) Ham soup/ham and split pea soup (save the ham bone!! It’s great to make the stock) Should last sliced up for a number of days in the fridge. Put it in an airtight container of you can so it lasts longer/doesn’t dry out.


I would freeze it, if not 3-5 days in the fridge. Other than that though, maybe invite some people over to share it with. Ham Party.


I usually make a big batch of split pea soup and also use ham for breakfast hash/scramble.


Cut it up and store most of it in your freezer, you probably aren’t going to use that much ham within 5 days. Recipe wise I recommend split pea soup, ham casserole, beans and ham, salads with ham, ham and cheese roll-ups and everyone’s favorite ham sandwiches.


I made a monster of a ham once for just two people. This is what I did. Cut up all the part of the ham that was spiral cut into as nice of slices I could manage. Portioned out a dinner’s worth and kept that in the fridge. Wrapped up and froze all the rest of the nice slices. What meat was left on the bone after getting all the nice slices off, I chunked up what I could from off the bone. Took another dinner’s worth of that and put in a container for the fridge, and like I did with the slices wrapped them up and froze it. I also threw the bone and anything that was attached into a Ziploc bag and put that in the freezer as well. I made a nice ham stock to use for liquid for cooking beans. I 100% recommend this. You already have the bone, might as well get as much as you can out of it since the cost of everything has gone bonkers. I only had two portions in the refrigerator as I knew I’d get tired of ham… I do enjoy a bit of variety in my meals, so I didn’t want to waste any ham if it went off cause I didn’t feel like eating it. But with the leftovers, I had made ham fried rice often as it’s legit my husband’s favorite thing whenever his family used to order Chinese takeout. You can also add it into eggs for breakfast, make an awesome split pea soup with the ham stock I mentioned for you to make with the bone, mix it in with some Mac and cheese and your favorite veggies and you got a one pot meal. And beans. Ham and beans are meant for each other.