Zelensky says Ukraine won’t give up territory in the east to end war with Russia

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After that much sacrifice it would be stupid to give up any territory, and would give kremlin the impression they could succeed invading other countries. On the other hand after this war russia wont have much power or money to invade anyway.


It’s been proven way before this that Russia can’t keep their word. Any peace would just be a time limit on when Russia invaded again.


He’s fully right. There’s absolutely no reason to believe that putin won’t see this as a success and will try to capture even more in the future. The only right thing to do is to show that justice will prevail and that no forced capturing of land is accepted by anyone.


I think Russia is showing every day how weak they really are. If they negotiate now, it will only be because they know they won’t win and are prepared to settle, and grab something as a propaganda victory. It’s tough with so many lives in the balance, but a win of any type for Russia will just kick the can down the road and they will invade again another time. Like all bullies, they’ll keep coming back unless it hurts them. If the west can get seriously behind Ukraine, I think they can actually push Russia out. Without nukes, Russia would just be an angry third world country.


The West needs to meet this energy in terms of what they’re willing to support. Zelenskyy knows that might is the only thing Putin will respond to with any certainty. If Ukraine gives up territory, Russia will use it as a new staging ground for future aggression.