Celebrity chef’s Ukraine charity kitchen destroyed by Russian missile

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José Andres is by all accounts a saint. Fuck Putin.


headline suggests Andres only has one kitchen facility working in eastern Europe. He has hundreds in operation in Ukraine border countries hosting refugees


Jose Andres and his world kitchen initiative is a real projection of light against darkness.
This is like fucking with Dolly Parton .
Fuck Putin and his savages .


The manager texted the line cooks “You’re still coming in, right?”


Chef Andres is the best of the best. We don’t deserve him.


What is something you thought you wanted, but really regretted afterwards?

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So according to this post, you don’t want to own a pool, a boat, or a lakehouse.

But you want to be great friends with someone who does.


I won’t have to work another day in my life!

I became disabled in 2019


Go pro.

I don’t even go on a picnic. What the fuck did I need a go pro for.


A backyard pool.

I always wanted one until I had one.
It was a huge pain in the ass. Had to buy chemicals, had to test the water, had to clean it, found dead snakes in the skimmer baskets, had to get the pump replaced, etc.

Edit: this really blew up.
I agree with what several commenters have said. If you can afford to have someone do the work for you then it’s something really nice to have. If you can afford the mortgage on the house with the pool but still mow your own lawn, clean your own house, etc. The pool is likely to be more trouble than it’s worth.


The job I am currently in. The work is alright, but the company is shit.


TIL that the portrait of George Washington on the one-dollar bill comes from an unfinished portrait containing only his face, called the Athenaeum Portrait.

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Watch the Simpsons for the real story.


An example of the adage, “quitting while you’re a head.”


I saw this at the MFA in Boston, and so can you! It’s kinda cool to pull out a one dollar bill and compare the portraits.


Who draws like that? I’ve seen a bunch of Bob Ross in my day, and never…

I think someone was doodling and accidentally did a C- job on ol’ George and was like…

“Fuck it, I’m done.”


It would be funny if the painting was stopped because Washington said “That looks nothing like me!”


TIL that after Lance Armstrong was stripped of his wins, seven successive Tour de France races (1999-2005) were officially declared without winners because so many riders who finished behind Armstrong were also associated with doping offences.

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So if EVERYONE was doping, sounds like he still won, right?


They couldn’t find any “clean” riders to award the wins to. Six of the seven overall runners-up to Armstrong (all except Joseba Beloki in 2002) have either admitted to or been found guilty of doping.


Everyone should watch Tour De Pharmacy.

Hilarious, and Lance is a great sport about all of it.


Would it be possible to have a designated survivor type of setup for this?

“Hey, Tim? Good news. You won the Tour.”

“I didn’t even compete?”

“You’re the designated straight man. You’re literally the only person we could find who didn’t dope.”

“I wasn’t even in France.”

“Even better.”


I worked in the bike industry during his run (at a trek dealer no less) and everyone assumed he was doping. It was like an unspoken running joke, because it was a huge fuckin boon to road bike sales and you didn’t dare disparage him. I said as much once and damn near got fired on the spot. To be fair, everyone at that level dopes (obvious now, back then it not quite as much I guess). He was still pretty amazing honestly. The one holdout I have is Lemond. I honestly don’t think he doped and if I found out he did I think it would break my heart.


New research indicates women are more likely than men to engage in intimate partner cyberstalking, especially the passive and invasive forms.

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As a man who has been harassed and victimized by an ex online for six years now, I used cyberstalking for my master’s thesis. Doesn’t conflict with what I learned or what I’ve experienced. Women are more active on social media in general, though. Men are also less likely to perceive women’s behavior as threatening than the other way around, especially when it’s remote.


This is making excuses, although it probably isn’t wrong;

>The authors had also hypothesized that a reason women engage in more cyberstalking is **that they want to prevent “mating mistakes”—which are often costlier for women than men—such as having sex with a partner who has a sexually transmitted disease or staying with a long-term mate who cheats and is unfaithful**. And the results showed that women engage in invasive cyberstalking (e.g., invading a romantic partner’s privacy) especially when they are “attempting to retain a long-term mate and attain a short-term mate.”

Obviously this applies to men as well. Research shows men are more hurt and affected by breakups and actually tend to be affected for much longer, and they are still affected financially to a very considerable extent. So, the impact on males can also be severe, so there isn’t a particular ‘justification’ for doing it here to avoid cheating partners that would only apply to one group.

Developing paranoia about your partner/potential partner is a real problem and needs treatment, but inquisitiveness or having some doubts you want to resolve is also adaptive when looking for mates that are not going to be dangerous ‘investments’ due to cheating.

In some Asian countries it quite normal for families to arrange P.I.’s to investigate potential matches for arranged marriages since the entire family is making a costly investment.


It’s funny, there was a post that hit the front page of reddit on the tinder subreddit where a guy was complaining a date found his reddit profile. And it’s like “uhh yeah you sent her your “original” poetry of course she was gonna google it and find out you already posted it on reddit and go through your profile.

But there definitely seemed to be a gender divide between women finding it slightly normal to look up and men finding it weirder to look up.


I cut off a toxic immature woman and she cyber stalked me for almost a year. Fake accounts, threatening texts from those “free texting apps” and using their friends phones to harass me…


“Cyberstalking” sounds as bad as regular stalking but I don’t think theyre nearly the same at all.

Knowing how the risks of intimate partner violence affects women more than men, it makes sense that they would be more likely to do investigations into a partner, potential or otherwise.


Russian cosmonauts to activate space station’s new robotic arm

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It’s a testament that they can all work together towards a shared set of goals while we kill each other down on the planet.


So two cosmonauts spacewalk into a bar. The bartender asks, “Where is your space ship?” And one of the cosmonauts answers, “well, we wanted to park it here, but it was heavy and hard to move.” The other cosmonaut, looking sad, says, “we used to be able to move big things, but…” The bartender says, “what’s the matter? Lost your crane?”


A former senior TikTok employee publicly opened up about quitting his $220,000 job after a year, saying he experienced a ‘996’ culture of overwork and secrecy

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From the article:

*996 refers to working practices in China, where employees can work from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. six days a week.*


Man… I see a lot of comments here saying that they don’t mind or will take a 72 hours (minimum) work week for that money.

Well, go ahead and take it.

Just remember that life is more than about $$$, especially if you have a family.

There’s a reason we now have the “Great Resignation”….


I used to work 6 to 6, 6 days a week. We used to call it The Devil’s Schedule


220k? So an entry level SWE at tik tok lol


That would be a great strategy if it weren’t for taxes and the cost of living. Saving 100k a year for 10 years might be realistic.


My wife has to get surgery to replace a cracked tooth, but we can’t afford the $5k it’s going to cost to fix it. What can we do?

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Hate to say it but a lot of bad advice here. My wife is a dentist. And I just recently had the same thing happen to my tooth as your wife’s. Getting an implant done is a very long process. And yes it’s expensive. But it takes months and months. Just get the tooth out by an oral surgeon. You don’t need 5k for that. Pull the tooth and she’ll be out of pain in 3-4 days. Depending on which tooth it is you can decide from there. Mine is a tooth from the back and it’s been out for 6 months. Implant into the bone went in 2 months ago. I might get a tooth a couple months from now. Get her out of pain and go from there. It’s not an emergency, other than getting the tooth pulled.


Is there any reputable dental schools in the area? Where I live there’s an awesome one that people go to on occasions like this.


Where do you live and what are your incomes? Also, I know it’s not ideal, but the tooth removal would be only a few hundred, it’s putting the implant in that’s pricy. If she’s in extreme pain talk to the dentist about the removal and holding off on the replacement. I’m missing a molar from pretty much the same thing. Root canal cracked and replacements are pricey


I highly recommend looking at dentist offices in Mexico. Equal care and often much, much cheaper.


You should at least make an effort to speak to your provider about a payment plan. You can also reach out to other providers with the same request. Dentists need to be paid like everyone else but I don’t know too many of them that want their patients to go untreated. Good luck.


US Might Designate Russia as State Sponsor of Terrorism – State Department

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This is important because designation as State Sponsor of terrorism implicates other sanctions laws that penalize persons, but also penalizes other countries engaging in certain trade with the designated sponsor. It would allow the US to penalize countries still engaged in trade with and doing business with Russia.


How Russia isn’t, and Cuba somehow is, blows my mind.


They should, then the FBI can do some real work for once and start prosecuting the people taking money from Russia.


Long overdue, delayed by playing nicely nicely diplomacy for too long. The amount of poisonings overseas by that regime alone should qualify.


As an American, I think this move is correct and probably popular among Americans as well. However, I believe countries outside of Western Europe view the U.S. as a state sponsor of terrorism as well. The U.S. designating Russia as a state-sponsor of terrorism probably looks awfully hypocritical to most of the world.


Zelensky: Liberation of all of Ukraine is only a matter of time | Zelensky Addresses Ukraine

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>Russian missile strikes lead to only one thing – missile self-demilitarization of the Russian Federation.

This guy has some unbelievably badass ways of telling Russia that Ukraine is unshakable. At the beginning, I thought it was mostly him trying to keep morale up against impossible odds. But after nearly two months, I’ve come to realize he’s just an honest man.


Incoming nuclear threat from Putin, that if crimea and/or donbas is (re)taken by ukraine, russias existence is threatened.


I love this guy. Whatever you think about his politics or even the possibility of Ukraine winning in this David and Goliath fight, he has done one hell of a job encouraging and inspiring people not give up the fight. You can’t underestimate what that means. I think a lot of leaders would just run away with a suitcase of cash.


I wish they could liberate Moscow.


I want to believe 🙁