11-foot hammerhead shark washes up on Florida beach

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>The female was pregnant and weighed around 500 lbs, she said.’ >”This species, in particular, is quite susceptible to stress,” she said. Medd explained that a small community of recreational fishermen target sharks for catch-and-release, which is legal in Florida, although the sharks cannot be harvested. But the stress of catch-and-release, combined with wounds from fishing hooks, can sometimes lead to death. Just Florida being the most Florida they can.


Have they checked it for CRT? He might have eaten one of them math text-books.


I lived in a little town about 30 miles north of there for many years. Back in the 1960s there was a man who owned a bait and tackle shop who would fish from the beach. He would tie a large fish to a float using a pack of Lifesavers. He would cast when the tide was going out, and it would take about half an hour for the water to eat through the Lifesavers. Once that happened the bait would drop. I have seen old pictures of him landing hammerheads there were at least 12 feet long.


I’m in Tampa and a great white was spotted right off the coast, very rare here


Now let’s see how many Floridians try to ride it.