A Conviction Would Puncture Trump’s Personality Cult, Predicts Authoritarian Expert

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Trump should not be convicted because it would disillusion his followers. He should be convicted because he broke the law multiple times.


I wish this were true…but I have stopped counting the times when I thought “no one could possibly support him after this”…only to watch him carry on to find a new low.


As a non-US citizen, stop talking about it and do it. No more tut-tutting about Republicans, take to the fucking streets and demand action. Your country will fall to fascism as early as the next mid term election if you do nothing.


I seriously doubt that. Cults don’t get broken by “reality” piercing the veil. The folks in his cult have already shielded themselves from reality. In Trump they see an alpha-male, billionaire savior of the world. Just look at any of Ben Garrison’s comics – that’s what they *actually* believe, not that Trump is a half-bright grifter, living on credit, in lift shoes, spray tan, girdle and bad comb-over. His cult won’t end until the people in it face actual pain from association with him. And even then? It’s a 50/50 shot they wake up. Short of a national deprogramming campaign, we have to hope the fever dream of Trump’s cult breaks on its own.


How about we start with just the most obvious charges?