A jump through time – new technique rewinds the age of skin cells by 30 years | Babraham Institute

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You guys think this will be available in 5 years? I’m 26 right now . Doing a restart at 31 sounds cool


>*“Scientists have developed a new technique for rejuvenating skin cells. This technique has allowed researchers to rewind the cellular biological clock by around 30 years according to molecular measures, significantly longer than previous reprogramming methods. The partially rejuvenated cells showed signs of behaving more like youthful cells in experiments simulating a skin wound. This research, although in early stages, could eventually have implications for regenerative medicine, especially if it can be replicated in other cell types.”*


It also dramatically increases cancer risks I believe!


So in other words they’re bringing “Shangri-La” to real life [Lost Horizon, 1937]WallStreetDoesntBet

“Everybody can’t live forever, where would we put them all?”