A man goes to the doctor and the doc says

“Everything is great! But there’s just one more thing that I need you to do” The man replied “well what is it?” The doc says “ I need you to go home and ejaculate in this bottle. We just need to look and see if everything is ok downstairs. Come back tomorrow with the bottle ” So the man comes back the next day with a empty bottle. When the doctor asks about the empty bottle . The man says: “ well I tried with my hands and that didn’t work, so I tried with my armpit and that didn’t work either. So my wife Cheryl tried with her hands and that didn’t work, she tried with her armpit and that didn’t work either, she even tried with her legs!. Then we asked our next door neighbor Betty, to see if she can help. She tried everything else and that didn’t work. She even tried with her teeth and that didn’t go so well” The doctor stood, appalled with that statement. His face turned into curiosity and concern. Then the man said “ all that work and we couldn’t even get the bottle open!”

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We have Been Tricked, We hve Been Backstabbed and We have Been Quite Possibly, Bamboozled


I was expectng a twist at the end.


It is funny because at first the doctor assumes that the old man, his wife, adn his neighbor were unable to make him ejaculate while in reality they were having trouble opening the jar. Throughout the man’s story, the doctor believes that they were trying to give the man a hand job. The comedic reveal at the end is humorous because as it’s assumed the reader is thinking along the lines of the doctor.


“I tried with my armpit” sort of gave it away.


Who the fuck tries to open a bottle with their armpits