A muslim colleague told me that believing in evolution is stupid lmao

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Not the point of your post. But you don’t “believe” in facts or science. Through verifications and the scientific method. Belief is unnecessary. Don’t want to hijack the post. But it’s a pet peeve when talking about belief when it comes to science.


Part of the issue it seems to me, is that muslim men are not inclined to listen to women, much less take them seriously. I don’t know if that’s what’s going on here but many islamic cultures are misogynistic and this guy obviously would rather blab on about allah than listen to anyone with facts.


Religion is an pleasant hallucination, u are totally correct.


Well, that’s a success story. Of indoctrination. It’s a terrible loss, of a life wasted by blind faith.


First of all, do NOT argue with an idiot. It is not a debate, it is an argument. Secondly, if you seek to argue, you must have an aim: make him think, make him lose his shit and never try to talk to you again Thirdly: I’d recommend hit it where it hurts. Ask him about Zulkarnayn’s walk to ‘the edge of the world’ in Quran and finding ‘where the Sun sinks into mud’. Ask him whether he believes that invisible, bird winged little men living on his shoulders and if he salutes them 5 times a day each. Ask him whether he is the descendent of a man and his female clone’s incestous children. Ask him what would be the typical traits of a false cult leader: trying to gain monetary gain, more access to women. Then ask him why the Prophet Mohammad was entitled to 1/5 of the looting and enslaved women? One advice about the Semitic Religions , the shit starting from my own: Judaism. Do not argue, not worth it.