Activist Gary Chambers aims to be Louisiana’s first Black senator — Chambers made headlines this year for viral campaign ads about decriminalizing marijuana and burning the Confederate flag

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2022 and no black Louisiana Senator in a state with one third of its residents being black?


Florida read ten words of this title and then banned Reddit for being CRT


>Louisiana’s first Black senator Jesus Christ it’s 2022.


We need young, dynamic, charismatic, relatable Millennial/Gen Z candidates like him (and Alexandra Hunt from PA) running for office from the local level all the way up to Pres. We have so many smart, active people from the younger generations. I can’t see us making changes unless we go into public office in waves, pushing out the old people still in charge. If I was in LA, I would vote for this man. I’d vote for Hunt if I was in PA. For the love of all things living, we can’t wait to inherit this country when we’re old and decrepit and out of touch with the younger generations after us. If we can’t take the country by revolution, we need to force these incumbents out of office by offering something new and better that will motivate the younger, more educated people to vote.


I’d vote for this man for just about anything. The pot commercials were attention-getters, but go listen to him speak. His passion, his enthusiasm for making things better, is fucking beautiful. Hope he can get elected & do that shithole state some good.