“Aging workforce”: IRS struggles to answer calls as it deals with backlog of unprocessed tax returns, staffing shortages

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They’re 2 years behind on processing my returns. They owe me a bunch of money but they just don’t have staff. I ended up calling my congress critter and her office is working on getting the IRS to do their job. Her office has had hundreds of calls with people that have the same problem. 10 years ago, if I was off by a penny, I’d get a letter a week after I mailed in my return. Now it’s been 2 damn years and nothing.


Novel thought- modernize everything at the IRS. There’s no reason anyone should be unable to directly e-file with the IRS. H&R Block’s website should be the IRS website and it should be free. This situation is corruption at its finest.


Do they still process the tax returns in paper form? I’m asking as I get a tax proposal sent to me electronically each year. It has my loans, investments, child support payments, etc. prefilled on it. I checked the proposal and make the necessary changes. That’s all that’s required for doing taxes in Finland.


They created an insanely difficult and complicated tax process; I’m fine with them getting crushed under an insanely difficult and complicated tax process.


Yea the job is shit i have 3 degrees in accounting 5+ year os experience and they offered like 17-18 an hour with shit hours after having like how many interviews and hoops. Irs and the big 4 are starting to crumble under their own weight they dont pay they have shit hours and seemingly take nobody and every non qualified person at the same time because they dont have to pay them