Americans could do taxes for free in just minutes — like other countries — but the IRS has been ‘starved’ of resources, the Treasury says

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dont forget turbo tax’s parent company lobbying to make it as complex as possible.


literally one of my biggest pet peeves about the US. john oliver also has a good piece on how companies like turbotax and h&r block lobby to make easy tax filing impossible.


Honestly with our computer systems nowadays most taxes should be paid immediately. It’s crazy thst we have the complex system that we do.


Freetaxusa Edit: Freetaxusa is free for *Federal* there’s a number of other sites that will provide a free service for *State* filing, TaxAct being one of them. Edit 2: I guess TaxAct’s free/fee varies by state. Do your research Kings and Queens.


Starving the Beast is the right-wing way: 1) Defund a necessary government service. 2) Watch it deteriorate in quality. 3) Point to new failures as “evidence” that government programs don’t work. 4) Use that “evidence” to sell further funding cuts. 5) Eventually the program does nothing. 6) Give surplus cash to competing businesses they own.