Americans, what is the rest of the world not ready to hear?

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Most of you guys are getting pretty fat too.


California is the 5th largest economy in the world.


The dumbest Americans often speak the loudest. Edit: While I appreciate the corrections guys, (especially since my comment has now rocketed me to loud-dumb-American status) shockingly, I did know this was a global/human thing. I simply shared it as a reminder since it seems like an all-too-often-forgotten point when discussing Americans. Regardless, thanks for the imaginary internet points my dudes. And may all you loud-but-not-dumb-humans find justice & understanding. Edit 2: Hate me for my edits but I felt this was still important: please go do something good for your family/community/world today. Too many shitty things going on these days, so it’d be nice to upset the balance in the opposite direction for a while.


The only reason “Florida Man” exists is because of Florida’s laws about the accessibility of crime documentation, which makes it a goldmine for tabloid journalism.


Europe has a racism problem as well. I moved from America to Europe and yall jump through so many hoops to pretend that America is the only place with racism despite how blaringly blatant it is in Europe. Edit: obviously I know Europe is not a singular country, I just did not feel like listing all the European countries I’ve lived in or traveled too. Editedit: If yall really wanna focus more on the fact that I said Europe instead of listing every country I’ve ever been to than on the racism thing then you’re really just proving my point.