Another Pentagon Official Exits, Saying U.S. Is at Risk of Losing Tech Edge

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The senior official says the Pentagon needs structural change but that’s hardly the problem. The biggest elephant in the room is the massive amount of mergers and acquisitions that has basically created too-big-to-fail defense contractors. These companies are so large and bloated that innovation and development has slowed down to a crawl. They buy up and coming companies left and right and proceed to bloat them to death. Projects come in severely overbudget and behind deadline guranteed. Projects don’t even come to fruition because they were just all half-assed. Having personal experience in the space, some of these large companies basically hire engineers purely to raise the body counts on projects to bill the government more man hours, and then assign the engineers to menial tasks instead of any actual engineering. The DoD has been revising contracting plans to try and heavily encourage more small companies to exist in the space and fund R&D everywhere. But the big players have the money to bribe politicians and lawyers to make it very difficult to get rid of them.


…but this is totally not because we ushered in a whole new era of anti-intellectualism, book burning, and vocal ignorance. No no. That is totally unrelated. It was those other guys’ fault! What you do mean you don’t believe me. That just means you’re a suspicious moron! /s


I mean, Kushner just received 2billion from Saudi Mohammed Bin Salman, but im sure he worked very hard for it and no information was compromised


Oh so the government doesn’t like being fucked by contractors but doesn’t like to step in and tax them or stop monopoly like buy outs. Lets not forget Haliburton got a bid less contract in Iraq after 2001. They were putting new computers in a pit and burning them. Because they made money buying stuff and charging the tax payer for a marked up cost. They also outfitted people who didnt drive anywhere with fully loaded escalades with leather interiors that basically sat in a parking lot.


Well yeah no shit. In the Air Force we aren’t even allowed to buy reasonably priced good computers for our work centers. We are forced to purchase everything from GSA advantage which is just a bunch of companies trying to scam the DOD by selling them 4 year old PCs at higher msrp than something that is 4x better and newer.