Attacks on voting rights aren’t slowing down and Black Americans are in the crosshairs, new report finds

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Spanish talking radio is on some weird alt right shit rn. all cable tv media, print, and social online is owned by billionaires. billionaires are paying fuck tons of money to saturate our realities and they really are going after our votes.


For Republicans politics is about control. They aren’t interested in improving anyone’s life. Rather they just want to maximize their own seat at the table. Republicans strategies for winning elections center around keeping people home. They keep young people at home via apathy. Republicans block legislation then claim both parties are the same and argue not voting at all will accomplish something. That counter intuitive propaganda doesn’t work as well among the Black community. Too robust of a history of organizing fighting for civil rights. So Republicans are trying to use logistical formalities to dismiss the votes Black people do cast.


We probably should have voted in 2016 and these laws and regulations would have been shut down at the Supreme Court instead of being immortalized.


Yes the US is facing a major electoral debacle. Congress needs to act. They won’t, of course. Not so long as Mushmouth McTurtle controls the Senate right-wingers.


Black Americans are often more conservative than they get credit for. Republicans could probably make hay if they would just stop being so racist.