Attended grandmothers funeral at our old baptist Christian church. Got called out (by name) by pastor several times for never being saved, despite my grandmother’s ‘best efforts’

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Should have reminded Pastor Fatass that gluttony is a sin.


These days I laugh. I know that’s not appropriate, but they usually have no clue what to do when you laugh at how absurd their bullshit is.


Why can we not interrupt their speech with the truth. They dont hold a special place, if they say something not true in front of everyone surely we can reply back loudly? In the moment, socially it is embarrassing and awkward at times but they are not special. They are just in a room holding a microphone.


He clearly doesn’t give shit about your grandmother or her funeral, either. Using her funeral as a platform for proselytisation really shows he only gives a shit about his church. What a dick.


Disgusting. This pastor, if he thought that what he did would be effective, he must be blind about what disbelief is. If he ever converted anyone using those sickening tactics, he must have dealt with some really weak minded people. I can’t imagine how hard it must have been for you. And noone from the folks at funeral were to show you some understanding? Tough.