Biden to require U.S.-made steel, iron for infrastructure

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Don’t just make the announcement though, make tons of nostalgia inducing commercials about it, voters love that stuff


> The guidance being issued Monday requires that the material purchased — whether it’s for a bridge, a highway, a water pipe or broadband internet — be produced in the U.S., according to administration officials. However, the rules also set up a process to waive those requirements in case there are not enough domestic producers or the material costs too much, with the goal of issuing fewer waivers over time as U.S. manufacturing capacity increases.


“Does he understand how this could cripple the China economy? What about the jobs lost in China?” – Tucker Carlson Probably.


I really want to see how the QGOP spins this against Biden. **Edit:** I wasn’t expecting to get such creative and good answers.


It’s almost like he’s putting America first