Biden to require US-made steel, iron for infrastructure

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I know this is residential, but I watched some HGTV show where they had a single bannister of the house made of US steel as a novelty and it was really sad. The house was actually in Pittsburgh and it was supposed to be a nod to the history of the town. But it just made me think about how we outsource so much of our building and infrastructure materials.


> “Waivers can be granted if the material costs too much or cannot be sufficiently provided by domestic factories.” I’ll be curious to see how much of an impact this will really have. There’s probably going to be a lot of applications for waivers due to cost…


Thank you, love the free market and globalization has its benefits, but if we cant make our own steel, then we lose on so many levels.


This was something that Trump spoke of but never made good on, apparently.


I was covering the US steel industry 15 years ago while working for a PE company. Their finance data was so horrible that it was sad to read. There was 0 investment value for these companies. I would guess it got even worse after 15 years, so I do not see how Biden’s plan would work without costing billions of taxpayers’ money to subsidize these companies.