Can someone in plain English explain the change in OTC that Vanguard sent me?

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Says you can’t buy or transfer in OTC securities anymore but you can continue to hold and sell the positions in these securities you already have. Pretty clear.


This is bad news for GBTC investors. I guess I’ll just hold mine or move to somewhere else. Ugh.


Just got this email Too and can’t figure out what holding it was


I had one similar (Canada). I can still buy em but they have to be on a Canadian exchange as well. So I have some curlf stock, and now I just buy cura instead. If I call in, I can still purchase the American counterpart from the broker. It’s going to fuck my American pot companies though. Guess they will stay cheap longer and I can add more until they get full listing.


Yea it says get fidelity. & $NUGN