Captured Russian ally Medvedchuk pleads with Putin to trade him for safe passage for Ukrainian civilians and defenders in Mariupol

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Lol. Putin is like “who?”


Putin knows this man betrays his own for money and power. He is not going to be interested in him at all.


From the article: > In a video posted on Twitter by the Security Service of Ukraine, Medvedchuk asked the Presidents of Ukraine and Russia to exchange him for defenders and residents of Mariupol. > “I, Viktor Volodymyrovych Medvedchuk, want to appeal to President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy with a request that the Ukrainian side exchange me for the defenders of Mariupol and the residents who are there today and do not have the possibility of a safe exit through humanitarian corridors,” he asked in the video.


Maybe he’s a liability to Russia now? That Ukraine captured someone so close to Putin reminds people this can be Putin’s fate, as well.


But I thought Russia has always been providing safe passage for civilians and treating the Mariupole defenders with decency and respect.