Carjacker beats up 72-year-old, takes car, only to die in crash, police say

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This is a terrible loss. Can we replace the car for her?


Wow. The exact same thing happened to my grandma. Except the assault part. Crazy guy maced a cop and stole their car. Had to ditch the cop car somewhere, so thats when he jacks my grandmas car. He was actually really helpful in getting her out of the car with her cane and purse. The guy also died in a wreck a few miles later. I ended up giving her my car and bought myself a new one. She wrecked it only a few months later unfortunately. But she’s fine. No injuries in either event.


We had someone steal an ATV from our locked courtyard, who ran a red light and was killed by a car who had the green. His mother came to our house to complain that it wasn’t properly secured (it was), wasn’t properly locked (he used bolt cutters), and should have had working headlights. My husband: “it did have working lights, but he wasn’t using them, ma’am.”


I’m so sorry for this elderly lady.


We just had this happen in New Orleans just a few weeks ago. 72 year old woman carjacked outside of her work. Unfortunately she didn’t survive. 4 people, all juveniles, jumped her and maced her. She was in the car seat belted. She tried to get out. Her arm got caught in the seatbelt. Kid repeatedly punched her, she was screaming he could have the car if she could get her arm undone. As witnesses started to gather, fucker panics and floors the gas. She is dragged 4 city blocks, and her arm is severed off because she couldn’t get it loose. She died on the scene. Fucker took the car 10 blocks then tried to clean the blood with wet wipes. Thank God this lady is ok. Fucker got what he deserved. Good riddance.